An Overview of Trends in Social Media Being Used in the Apartment Industry

April 7, 2014

The apartment industry is just like most industries I have encountered when it comes to jumping on the social media train. There are fears, misguided ideas on how it’s done, and plenty of excuses as to why it’s not right for their company. (Hint: Your excuses are probably not much different even if you in [...]


Blogs and Gooeyness

June 6, 2011

Learning has always been fun for me. Usually the fun, the rush, the excitement comes from something I’ve experienced or discovered. This discovery process and the acquisition of knowledge sometimes takes years to fully develop, sometimes it’s immediate, but it is always occurring. Never has the acquisition of knowledge been easier than it is today. [...]

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Wednesday’s Design & Marketing Inspirations – 8

December 29, 2010

Wednesday’s Design & Marketing Inspirations Marketing Trends Going In To 2011 How will your marketing efforts change in 2011? We take a look at some marketing trends rounding out 2010 and open up our crystal ball for 2011. Social Media This is definitely one of the trendiest trends trending right now. All aspects of social [...]

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How will Social Media change your marketing strategy in 2011

December 6, 2010

Guest author, Dana M Nelson, is a social media strategist residing in Southern Indiana. She has recently been nominated to be on the Social Media Club’s SMCEDU Board of Advisors. As we wind down the year and look at Social Media and the future it has in your marketing strategy, let’s take a fun look [...]


14 Ways to use Twitter for Business (if you’re my competitor)

November 29, 2010

Twitter can be a clever addition to your suite of marketing tools. Short, concise statements, helpful conversations, shared inspirations and links to more info are some of the best ways that twitter can be used for business. However, if you are my competitor, here is how you should use twitter: Autorespond to everyone who follows [...]


3 ways Marketing has changed

August 19, 2010

Diversification – the number of options for marketing your business has exploded. Gone are the days when a successful marketing campaign included in its entirety a phone book ad and a monthly fax-blast (remember those?). Traditional media like television, radio and billboards have definitely taken a hit due to “new media” like facebook, search engine [...]

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