Notre Dame funny fan sign: Poop Like a Champion Today

February 24, 2012

I love the sense of humor our customers display time and time again. Notre Dame fans are well aware of the “Play Like A Champion Today” sign. For those of you not aware, the “Play Like A Champion Today” sign is touched by the players as they exit the locker room. It has been a [...]


Where’s Walter – Wait… he’s working?

November 19, 2010

I know you’re shocked but we actually found our owner working this past week. And he had to tell us exactly what he was doing because there was some confusion. Just in case you were curious, he’s holding up a sign printed on PVC. PVC is an incredibly versatile and lightweight sign material that can [...]

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Random Friday Musings

March 27, 2009

Tommy Emmanuel Last night at the Victory Theater in Evansville, IN. Incredible concert. Disclaimer: That was my very first acoustic guitar concert I’ve ever gone to. I can’t play the guitar. I can’t even clap and sing at the same time. I can barely play the kazoo. My wife, Kristi – who graciously accompanied me, [...]

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