#DipDay2014 Recipes

February 3, 2014

Blow are the winning recipes from our #DipDAy 2014 Employee Dip Contest. <– Click here to read more about the event.


Chocolate Bourbon Sauce dip-bourbon (Medium)
1 cup Milk with 1 tablespoon reserved (See below)
2 tablespoons sugar
1 teaspoon cornstarch dissolved in the reserved 1 table spoon of milk
3 ounces bittersweet chocolate, cut into 1 in pieces. (I used Ghirardelli 60% Cacao Bittersweet Chocolate Baking Chips)
1 tablespoon bourbon or 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
Place the cup of milk and the sugar in a heavy sauce pan, and bring the mixture to a boil. Immediately remove the pan from the heat, and stir in the dissolved cornstarch. Add the chocolate pieced, and stir the mixture until the chocolate is dissolved. Cool to room temperature, and stir in the bourbon or vanilla. (If making the sauce ahead, refrigerate it, covered, and reheat to room temperature in a microwave oven at serving time.)


Ooey Gooey Delicious DipIMG_3260 (Large)

8 oz sour cream (1/3 fat)
8 oz cream cheese (lite)
1/2 cup Splenda Sugar (to start)
1/2 cup Splenda Brown Sugar (to start)
1  cup Glazed Pecans.

Mix together the sour cream and cream cheese until they are smooth. Add in Splenda brown sugar, Splenda sugar and pecans. Keep adding the sugars and pecans until you are satisfied with the taste. Sprinkle brown sugar on top of finished dip and enjoy!

Side note- you can use the full fat versions and “real” sugars but this is good for anyone who has to watch their sugar intake, on a diet, etc.

Microbrew Cheddar Cheese Spread

IMG_3258 (Large)

2 1\2 Cups/225 g Shredded reduced-fat cheddar cheese
2 tbsp minced shallots
2 tsp minced garlic
1 tsp whole-grain dijon mustard
½ tsp extra-hot horseradish
7-8 tbsp/100-120 ml amber ale
1 tbsp snipped fresh chives for garnish

In the work bowl of a food processor fitted with the metal blade, process the cheese. Shallots, garlic, mustard, and horseradish until they form a coarse paste.  With the machine running, pour, the ale through the feed tube and process until creamy. Scrape down the sides of the bowl once or twice until thoroughly combined.  Transfer to a serving bowl.  Cover and refrigerate for at least 2 hours to allow the flavors to meld.  Remove from the refrigerator  1 hour before serving.  Garnish with chives.  Serve with Marbled Rye Toast, Baked Pita Chips, Crostini, or Pretzel Thins


Dip #1  AKA: Cheese Cake DipIMG_3262 (Large)

1 no bake cheese cake mix
1 tub Whipped Creme


Make cheese cake mix according to package. (Do not use graham cracker crumbs.) Add Whipped Creme to cheese cake mix.  Chill for a few hours.  Add desired pie filling as topping.  Serve with Graham Crackers or cinnamon tortilla chips



Enjoy some of the photos of our fun day!





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They Took the Challenge

January 29, 2014
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Citizenship award
Remember in school when you were recognized for being a good “citizen?” To receive a citizenship award, you were chosen as one or whose behavior in terms of  the duties, obligations, and functions of a citizen are considered to be exemplary. A person others could look up to.

Inspirational Lunch
Last week, I had the opportunity to have lunch with an amazing group of citizens.  Sometimes in a world of hustle and bustle, we forget there are people out there doing good. sat at a lunch and listened to the “74 Club” Team Captains, and their team members each tell their stories: Stories of how The Ronald McDonald House here in Evansville, IN as impacted them personally, and why they stepped up to join the “74 Club” teams. There were people who served as volunteers. They told stories of children and families suffering at the hands of illness, and finding comfort in a place to call home away from home. Some had firsthand experience as a parent or even as a child with the services hat a Ronald McDonald house provides.

They took the challenge
These citizens took the challenge to each find 3 people who would join the 74 Club. (People willing to commit to donate $74 per month to The Ronald McDonald House) I want to thank all the people on the teams who are going out there and being good citizens, helping people they don’t know, and may never know, get through some of the toughest moments of their lives.

The Teams
Below are the teams and their captains. If you see a name you know, why don’t you give them a shout out on facebook, twitter, or Linkedin, give them a high five, a pat on the back, or a hug: tell them thank you for Making Evansville Great. (Or even better, ask one of them to see The Ronald McDonald House, let them take you on a tour and learn why they are part of this project.)

Captain: Paul Snider

Matt Merkel
Marco DeLucio
Chuck Hedde
Judy Collins
Kay Chapman

Captain: Larry Renschler
Joe Fredrich
Todd Stephens
Captain: Daryl Moore
Joe Castrale
Steve Schroer
Reed Schmitt

Captain: Taylor Payne
Mike O’Daniel
Chuck Belanger
Darcy Ellison

Captain: Holly Smith
Dana Nelson
Jon Headlee




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Signarama Receives Professional Certification

January 21, 2014

We are proud to announce that Signarama of Evansville has recently undergone an extensive training and testing program achieving the distinct recognition as a “3M Certified Graphics Company.”   The program which has taken about a year to complete includes rigorous hands on training and testing at 3M headquarters, written testing, and a scored evaluation of operations during an onsite inspection.

3M Company and Installer h

There are four other companies listed on the 3M website in the state of Indiana who have met the criteria to achieve this professional certification.  “We are glad to be representing Southwestern Indiana in this way” says Walter Valiant, owner.

The United Application Standards Group, (UASG) the national organization that administers the Certification Program for 3M and conducts the screening and onsite inspection, requires a high level of professionalism, a proven track record, and a high level of hands-on installation skill from participants. “This process was not something we took lightly by any means. We have been providing graphic installations to our clients for several years now, but if we are going to provide this service to our clients, we want them be confident they are receiving the highest level of performance in the industry.”  Valiant continues.

This program certifies Signarama as a company that performs all types of graphic installations.

From vehicle graphic installations, boat wraps, smooth & textured surfaces, trailers with rivets and corrugations, floor graphics and more.

“We began the certification process by sending one of our experienced graphic installers, Billy Collins to 3M headquarters last year for advanced training.  This led him to become certified by 3M  as a “3M Preferred Graphics Installer.”  Then we just kept going, we have this innate desire to be the best at what we do.”

You can find our certification listings at www.3mgraphics.com and www.uasg.org.

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Veteran’s Day Flag Raising Ceremony

November 11, 2013

Mayor WinneckeToday, to honor Veteran’s Day, Mayor Lloyd Winnecke dedicated a flag pole at the veteran’s housing facility, Lucas Place II.

Lucas Place II Flagpole Dedication Ceremony

Raising the Flag - 01

Raising the Flag - 02

Raising the Flag - 03

Raising the Flag - 04

Raising the Flag - 05

Raising the Flag - 06

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Finding Your Way Through ADA Signage

October 30, 2013
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Layered ADA Restroom SignBusiness owners know that ADA-compliant signage is a necessary piece of the wayfinding sign strategy for any building or office. In the face of all the federal guidelines regulating the design of these signs, it’s important to remember: ADA signage doesn’t have to be boring.

Try to forget the ubiquitous blue and white signs that are often used in these applications, because ADA-compliance and your organization’s brand can go hand-in-hand. Any building that offers goods or services to the general public (like restaurants, retail stores, hospitals, banks, museums, hotels, shopping malls, libraries—you name it) needs signage that follows the rules laid out by the Americans with Disabilities Act, and not all of these signs are created equal.

Customized to your business’ branding guidelines

Custom Shape ADA SignBy using custom shapes, printed backgrounds, layered designs, and textures, your wayfinding signs can incorporate sophisticated design and still maintain accessibility requirements.

Signmakers have an endless list of materials for you to choose from—like aluminum, wood, an endless rainbow of colored acrylics, even custom printed backgrounds—that will integrate seamlessly with the tactile and visual requirements of these signs. Add frames or standoffs and you’ve created a fully finished look.

ADA – knowing the rules and limits

Building signage falls into three categories when you’re discussing ADA requirements. The strictest of these are for permanent rooms and spaces. Signs that designate restrooms, exits, elevators, and room numbers will need to follow both tactile requirements:

  • Raised letters in an ADA-friendly font and raised pictograms, if applicable
  • Grade II braille

As well as visual requirements:

  • High level of contrast between the background and the foreground
  • A matte, non-reflective finish on the raised letters and pictograms and their background

Aluminum ADA Room Number SignDirectional and wayfinding signs don’t require you to incorporate the tactile elements above, but they do still need to comply with the mentioned visual standards. Signs that change more frequently, like building directories and room occupancies, are not required to comply with ADA guidelines.

These rules may seem overly restrictive, but working them into the design of your building is simple. There are many fonts that meet ADA guidelines, so you are sure to find one that fits with your corporate identity. Color combinations for these signs are nearly limitless, as long as there’s contrast between the content and the background. There are no rules governing frames or mounting devices, and you can make a distinct impression with custom-cut backgrounds and layered signage.

Layered signs in particular allow you to combine unique textures and printed backgrounds—even a company logo—with the ADA-compliant portion of your signs. Stainless steel, Corian®, acrylic, and copper are just a few of the custom materials that you can use to help frame the informational piece of an ADA sign.

Allow your ADA and wayfinding signs to inspire as well as inform. Generic signs may meet the minimum legal requirements for your business, but they can’t help you extend the reach of your brand. Your ADA solution should be as unique as your business.

Contact us to get started

Let the Signarama Evansville team guide you to a superior ADA signage solution—whether it’s for new construction or a renovation, contact us for a consultation at 812-477-7763 or sales@signsoveramerica.com.

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Stage Graphics

October 3, 2013
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Local 7 Academic Challenge

Oakland City University Academic Challenge stage design. Quiz show to provide scholarships to future OCU students hosted by Ron Rhodes on Local7

Bethel Temple Stage Panels

The colorful splashes were a part of Bethel Temple’s annual Glow Show for Trunk or Treat.

FC Tucker State of the Real Estate Banners

For the annual State of the Real Estate presentation. Two vertical banners flanking the video screen.

CFC hanging stage banners

Stage banners for Christian Fellowship Church. These are actually black and white banners with colorful stage lighting to make them appear colored. Each banner highlighted a different message and was therefore lit during that message.

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A Day In the Life of Signarama Evansville

September 12, 2013
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Signarama Evansville facility

“Wow, I didn’t know you did all that!” is one of the most common remarks after someone takes a tour of our 8500 square feet production facility in Evansville, Indiana.

Here’s what it’s like to spend a day at Signarama Evansville:

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Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library Timeline

September 4, 2013

As part of the Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library’s 100th anniversary, we created a timeline using the newly redesigned EVPL brand elements.

You can find the timeline at Central Library, downtown Evansville.

EVPL Historical Timeline created by Signarama Evansville

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Vehicle Graphics

July 16, 2013
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From a basic logo and vehicle lettering on your truck’s door to a complete wrap of your box truck or van, we can make it happen. As a small business, we understand budgets and will work within yours to help you get the most bang for your buck.
Bankers Life vehicle graphics

Home Instead vehicle graphics

Popham Construction

Romain United Leasing Championship web.com pga tour

Romain United Leasing Championship web.com pga tour

More about vehicle graphics

Request a Vehicle Graphics Quote from SIGNARAMA Evansville.We have Billy Collins, a 3M Preferred Vinyl Graphics installer, on staff to ensure your vehicle’s graphics are installed with the utmost care. We want your business to succeed and firmly believe that a well-designed, expertly installed wrap gives you a distinct advantage over your competitors. More on Vehicle Graphics…


Top 5 Trade Show Exhibitor Needs

June 11, 2013

Exhibiting at trade shows is fun. As a company that helps other businesses polish their image, we love when we get to help with this ultimate showcasing of a company’s brand. As a commercial sign company, designing trade show exhibits is incredibly satisfying.

Trade Shows happen year round. Nearly every industry has such an event that gathers vendors, specialists and customers together for the improvement of the industry. As an example, the signage industry has many events spread throughout the year. Some are regional events held in cities like Indianapolis, some are national/international events in cities like Las Vegas, which is where you would expect a bunch of sign nerds to go, right?

Dana Nelson presenting at UFG World Expo

Dana Nelson successfully demonstrating how to snag trade show attendees and capture their attention.

So if you are exhibiting at an upcoming “target-rich environments” in your industry, we have a few tips for you. Here are the top five trade show exhibitor needs:
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