Filing Cabinet Wrap – Before and After Pics

SIGNARAMA Evansville filing cabinet wrap

Boring, mismatched filing cabinets
Before. Check out these classy filing cabinets... ugh

Sometimes, you just need a bit more color in your life!

We’re in the middle of a mini-makeover for our showroom and office. Our makeover includes new displays for our showroom, a wrapped fridge and new paint (really fun colors) throughout the facility. All of this is going swimmingly well but it really highlights some of the uglier and more industrial ‘features’ of our office. Over the years, we’ve collected various mismatched filing cabinets that have languished quietly along with their neutral tones in the corner.

Billy Collins wrapping our filing cabinets

Are boring filing cabinets really that big of a deal?

While designing marketing materials for other companies, we began to look around at our own creative space. In this moment of self-reflection, we began noticing that all our walls were painted a soft neutral tan. We had some cool sign samples in the showroom but the showroom itself was stagnant and lacked luster. Our kitchen was devoid of style and personality. Our office area, full of crazy talent and phenomenal creativity, exhibited none of it on the surface. About the only area that was ‘fun’ was our production area with bright greens, yellows and oranges on the walls. Sign samples, some silly, some inspirational and some accidental, adorned the production area walls.

Thus began the great mini-makeover of 2012! Now, even our filing cabinets want to get noticed.

Like a fresh coat of paint on a wall, a wrap can freshen up your work space, car or kitchen. The filing cabinets were wrapped in 3M’s matte black vinyl (looks super-cool on cars too) and the doors were printed and finished with a glossy laminate. The combination of flat and glossy is a scrumptious detail. We love bringing those little details to design projects for our customers too.

After 55 years, we’re still a work in progress

Request a quoteWhether it’s a major remodel to make room for another wide format printer like we did in 2007, or the great mini-makover of 2012, we are proudly a work in progress. How about you? Does your brand need a refresher? Have your marketing materials stagnated? If so, give us a call (812-477-7763) and we can breathe new life into your brand.

Showroom Wire Hanging Display

Kitchen with drippy paint
Drippy orange vinyl on the door.
Wrapped table, wrapped fridge
The other half of our kitchen is a warm yellow. Also featuring: wrapped table, wrapped fridge, and shelves from 1972.
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