Make-A-Wish Foundation Step and Repeat Backdrop

Kristina Rhodes Step and RepeatFor several months, all Kristina Rhodes would say to me when we bumped into each other at various networking events was, “Step and Repeat. Step and Repeat.”

You see, Kristina is the lone Make-A-Wish Foundation representative here in Evansville. It is up to her to make wishes come true for local terminally ill children. It is up to her to develop relationships with corporations and individuals so they can help her make those wishes come true. It is up to her to market the Make-A-Wish Foundation effectively. It is up to her to go to events and tell the compelling stories of kids like Owen George.

Oh yeah, on top of her passion for spreading the word about the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Kristina also has a full time real estate job.

Signs of Support Grant ProgramSo when Kristina heard about our Signs of Support Grant Program that helps local non-profit organizations with their marketing efforts, the first thing she said to me was, “Step and Repeat.” Then she repeated it. And repeated it. For months.

We’re pleased to announce that Kristina Rhodes has her Step and Repeat Display. Now, she can take her Step and Repeat Backdrop display to photo-op events. This display is perfect for fund-raising events, celebrity hosted Make-A-Wish events and any where else a camera is taking pictures.

Make-A-Wish Step and Repeat display with Owen George
Make-A-Wish Step and Repeat display with Owen George and @fakeWalterV

We’ve had the Make-A-Wish backdrop up in our showroom for a few days and people love it getting their picture taken in front of it.

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One Response

  1. You seriously need to make a “Fake Kristina Rhodes” with her jumping sideways like the picture here to go with this backdrop! Love it. Nice work. Thank you Kristina Rhodes for all you do for the kids in this community!