Marcia Yockey at 7th Annual Chamber of Commerce of Southwest Indiana Business Expo

March 6, 2012
Marcia Yockey and Mayor Lloyd Winnecke

Marcia Yockey and Mayor Lloyd Winnecke are going to be in our trade show booth. How awesome is that?

We’d like to invite you to the Centre in Downtown Evansville this Thursday (3/8) for the 7th annual Chamber of Commerce of Southwest Indiana Business Expo. Admission is free. The exhibit hall is open from noon to 5:30pm.

The Business Expo is always one of our favorite events of the year. While it’s true that we like seeing other local businesses committed to making this community awesome. And it’s true that we like mingling with all the visitors. And it’s definitely true that we like the free food provided by local restaurants. More than anything though, we just like showing off.

I can think of no better public event for a sign company to showcase what they’re best at than a local business expo. In the past, we’ve demonstrated our trade show creativity by having stacked, spinning boxes. We’ve demonstrated cool new digital sign technology. We’ve demonstrated our vehicle wrap capabilities by having our wrapped Smart Car in our booth. And last year our 3M preferred graphics installer, Billy Collins, demonstrated his wrapping skills by wrapping a car door in our booth.

Cute adoptable puppies too!

Cute adoptable puppies from the Vanderburgh Humane Society too!

Every year, we try to do something a little different and think outside the box of what a traditional trade show exhibit should be. This year, Evansville’s bicentennial celebration, is going to be extra special. Marcia Yockey, Mayor Lloyd Winnecke, Dennis Gage and other local celebrities are all taking part in our celebration of Evansville’s 200th birthday! Special thanks to the Mayor’s office for letting us use him and 14WFIE’s Jeff Lyons for access to the Marcia Yockey print.

Come for the networking. Come for the free food. Come for Marcia Yockey, you know you want to!

Looking for something a little more traditional for your trade show booth? No problem, we do that too:

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