Vehicle Wrap demo at the Chamber of Commerce Small Business Expo

Billy lining up the graphics
Billy lining up the wrap graphics prior to applying

Yesterday was the 6th Annual Chamber of Commerce Small Business Expo. As a company that sells and designs trade show booths, exhibits and banner stands, we feel it is important for our trade show booth to be stellar and just a little bit different than the norm.

For the first time, we featured a live vehicle wrap demo in our booth. Using a door salvaged from a 1997 Saturn car, Billy Collins, one of our nationally certified wrap installers installed the graphics just as we would in our vehicle wrap install bays. Well, there were some minor differences. For one, we typically don’t deconstruct a vehicle to wrap it. And usually Billy isn’t hounded by the paparazzi when he is wrapping a car.

QR Code Floor Graphic
QR Code Floor Graphic

In past years, we’ve had rotating boxes, custom cutouts of Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe, and our wrapped SmartCar was the main attraction last year. This year’s booth not only had the vehicle wrap demo but also showcased our other wrapping capabilities including walls, windows, floors, displays, laptops, and just about anything else you would want wrapped.

Of particular interest this year was our use of QR Codes. We had three separate sets of QR Codes: Floor graphics, trade show back wall, vehicle graphics. To read more about QR Codes, check out our previous blog article: 10 Ways to use QR Codes on Signage.

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