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Tommy Emmanuel
Last night at the Victory Theater in Evansville, IN. Incredible concert. Disclaimer: That was my very first acoustic guitar concert I’ve ever gone to. I can’t play the guitar. I can’t even clap and sing at the same time. I can barely play the kazoo. My wife, Kristi – who graciously accompanied me, doesn’t play the guitar, neither does the Korean exchange student and the single, middle-aged friend who also went with us. However, we had these free tickets that we won from WNIN at the Business Expo a few weeks ago, and we like going to free things, so we went with absolutely no expectations.

We were blown away! That dude is phenomenal. His opening act Clive Carroll was really remarkable as well. The way that he used his guitar as a harp, drums, rustling swooshing sounds, jungle animals, and all manner of other things I didn’t think possible with a guitar was beyond my comprehension. If my eyes had been closed I would have assumed that there were multiple people playing a variety of instruments. Thanks, WNIN!

Creation Museum
We had the opportunity to go to the Creation Museum near Cincinnati, Ohio, with about 20 international college students last weekend. Awesome museum in every way, from the professionalism of the displays to the very well thought through process of going through the museum. I encourage anyone to go, especially if you vehemently claim evolution as a fact. Creationists, as you can see from the image, have a great sense of humor. It was fun… it was entertaining… it was educational… it was thought-provoking. And they have dinosaurs!

Have a great weekend.

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