Digital Sign Expo 2009 – Vegas

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Yeah, this is about 3 weeks late but I’ve just got to give some feedback for the DSE that we attended.

First impression: it was incredible! I was blown away by the change in this industry from just a year ago. Digital Signs are indeed going to continue to grow and expand their influence. However, DS won’t take over other signs completely. Digital signs just aren’t needed in every single situation, so they will be more pervasive but it will be a good mix for many years.

We’re pleased to see that since the Sign-A-Rama World Expo last March in Orlando, we’ve been on the right path for digital signage. We have one display unit in our showroom and it will soon be joined by another portable unit that we can take to other locations to display how it would look on-site.

Whether you need 2 screens in your lobby or 50 screens throughout a local campus or 3000 screens nationwide, we are well-equipped to get you on your way! Wireless screens, remote updating through web-based software, robust scheduling, entry-level displays, stand alone kiosks, exterior touchscreen menus… your system is possible!

Vikuiti by 3M was strangely absent from the DSE but we’re still in love with it and displayed it in our booth for the local Chamber of Commerce Business Expo recently.

The 1984/Minority Report moment came when we saw some of the capabilities displayed by Samsung. They have a camera mounted to their ds. Based on the people looking at the screen, different ads will display. More men than women – maybe an ad for an upcoming football game. It will even guess the ages and ethnicities of those looking towards the screen. Aah, once again science fiction authors have the imaginations that propel real-world technology.

Samsung also displayed an exterior ds that would take a picture/video of someone who just hit the screen. A nice thing to have if you are concerned about vandalism.

One of the coolest things we saw was a touchscreen Coke machine. You could spin the bottles to check dietary info, select different products. It was pretty nifty.

All in all, it was a very profitable Expo for us to go to. I am proud to be on the forefront of sign technologies and helping businesses utilize them for their own growth.

Let us know if we can help you with your Digital Sign needs!

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