Tips for Hosting a PARfect Golf Outing

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The Who – What – Where – When – Why to Planning the PARfect Golf Outing

Why? What is the purpose of the outing? Set a goal. What do you and your organization/cause want out of the event? It is far easier to achieve something measurable, than something ambiguous.

Golf BagWhat are your means? Set a clear budget. The total amount that is to be invested in the event by the host organization/cause should be set in stone from the start. Then, decide what can be paid for through sponsors. Knowing these two figures from the start will save time and money throughout the planning process.

Who? Determine your demographic. What type of golfers will be participating in your event? Pro golfers? First timers? Preschoolers? Knowing your demographic will help you determine how to draw attendees to your event and how you should fine tune the details to insure an enjoyable outing for everyone involved.

When? When can you make this outing happen? What date will be best for all those involved? When is the course available? How much time do your vendors need? Is there a date that is notable for weather that would not be up to PAR?

Where? Does anyone involved in the event have a tie to a local course? Is a local Pro notable in their passion for holding golf outings? Take into account your demographic. If the golfers in this outing will be children, don’t waste time or budget making sure the course has golf cart options. However, if business professionals are your demographic, you might consider having that option to give.

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