Inventions made during the Great Depression

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Great things CAN still happen when the economy is bad…

Here are some of the most awesomest things ever that were born during the Great Depression!

Chocolate Chip Cookie - by user: superfloss

  • The Chocolate Chip Cookie! – YES! My favorite cookie began turning frowns upside down in 1933.
  • Xerography (ask your dad to pronounce it for you, that’s what I had to do) – The invention of Xerography was a stepping stone toward the future of printing. (Hey that’s what we do!)
  • Monopoly – This classic game (paired with a plate of cookies of course) was, and still is, an inexpensive activity for families to enjoy together.
  • The Car Radio – I love listening to the radio when Mom and I are on our way to get groceries (ie. cookies). Hey that reminds me about supermarkets…
  • The Supermarket – They didn’t have nearly as many cookies as they do now. Mainly due to the lack of mass produced chocolate chip cookies which didn’t come until much later.

For more information on these and other inventions from the Great Depression check out Business Week.

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