The adventures of @fakeWalterV via @DanaMNelson – using Social Media to make an impression

April 23, 2012

What kind of impression does your marketing strategy make? Earlier this year, the Chamber of Commerce held its annual Tri-State Business Expo. We love trade shows and expos. We love attending them, we love ‘working’ them, we love designing compelling booths and displays for them. Our booth for the 2012 Business Expo was a celebration [...]

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Laptop Wrap for DanaMNelson

December 16, 2010

@DanaMNelson is one of our favorite people. She introduced us to the concept of engaging with our clients, vendors and community via social media. She trained us in best practices for LinkedIn, facebook and twitter. She keeps asking us to do crazy things for her. And we love her for it. Here’s the latest: Dana’s [...]