Why Marketing is a Waste of Money (Until You Do This)

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The marketing temptation: put the cart before the horse.

The cart?

Things like commercials, banners, signs, vehicle wraps, trade show displays, billboards, and skywriting.

The horse?

Your messaging.

While skywriting and vehicle wraps are fun and effective marketing, they’re a waste of your money if you haven’t defined your message first.

And by message, I mean brand. And by brand I mean story.

A story told well is the difference in whether or not someone continues listening. A brand story told well moves your potential customer from “huh?” to “I get it!”


Telling your story well matters.

“I’m not a storyteller. I’m a groundskeeper (or lawyer, beekeeper, rock star, interior designer, dentist, mechanic, filmmaker, etc.). How do I even start?” – You

“Keep reading.” – Me
Here’s an incredibly simple, yet highly effective way to start:

My customer is ______________.

They want _______________________,

My idea, project, or organizations helps them achieve this by ____________________.


That’s enough to get started.

Without answering these questions, you’re leaving potential customers confused. They want to know why they should care. They’re waiting for you to connect the dots for them.

“Okay, I answered these questions clearly now.” – You

“Great! Now, you’re ready to start looking into designs, trade show displays, social media and email marketing.” – Me


But wait, there’s more!

While those three simple questions can help give you incredible clarity, they’re just scratching the surface.

There are more questions to ask. They can help discover your customer’s personality, your personality, your style, your voice, colors, fonts, and the list goes on and on.

There are even more questions to ask after that. They can help you discover the best ways to share your story. Banners? Signs? Stamps? Social media? Video? Web?

Brand Tell Share
“I’m ready to take the next step to answer these questions and grow my business. What do I do?” – You

“Check out #brandtellshare. It’s a workshop on messaging, media and marketing on Tuesday, April 12 with Dana Nelson, Damon Hancock, Erin Bemis and I at Fat Head Media. We’ll explore these topics, questions, and have Q&A for your specific questions and barriers. Learn more at brandtellshare.com.”- Me
“I’m not ready to take that leap, but want to learn more. What do I do?” – You


“Check out a free 10-minute branding starter guide at mybrandstory.co.” – Me
“I’ve done all this and am ready for a vehicle wrap and other creative accessories. What do I do?” – You

“Glad you asked! Check out Signarama.” – Me

Jeremy Secrest is Director of Marketing & Development at the Evansville Christian Life Center and founder of Mybrandstory.co.

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