Where’s Walter: What happened to the nicely wrapped Smart Car?

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Walter Valiant with a white Smart Car
What did he do to his nicely wrapped Smart Car?

For nearly 2 years, we’ve had a wrapped SmartCar driving around Evansville. And then one day, Walter shows up in a white SmartCar. No wrap. No graphics. Just a curious look on his face. Well, the rumors started flying around our shop about what happened. Here are the top 5 SmartCarGate rumors:

5. A flock of 2 million pigeons flew over him at the most inopportune time.

While not enough to total the SmartCar, as proved by @SmartCarUSA on Twitter, 2 million pigeons would certainly cause a mess. He’d definitely need a wash after that. But no, that is not what happened.

4. He went through a car wash and along with the accumulated winter gunk, oops, the wrap came off too.

Nope. Though not recommended by any means, going through a car wash will not scrape your car clean of a vehicle wrap. Our wraps are printed with water-proof, fade-resistant ink in addition to being laminated so there’s not even a chance that the ink would wash off. However, high pressure washes could cause your wrap to start failing so we recommend hand-washing your wrap with your favorite off-the-shelf car wash soap.

3. We’re testing out a new gloss white 3M vinyl

We love testing new vinyls. So this one would perhaps be the most likely. But no, when we test new vinyls and materials, we usually don’t cover up something so pretty.

2. He drove too fast and the wrap came off.

Oh boy. There’s two issues with this one. First: speed. Really? a SmartCar in danger of going that fast? Even downhill on a windy day, I’m just not sure that would be physically possible. We love our SmartCar, we just realize it’s not a machine built for speed. Second: 3M adhesives. 3M makes some phenomenal adhesives ranging from temporary solutions like 3M’s PostIt Notes to aggressive industrial grade duct tape. The 3M vinyl specifically designed for the vehicle graphics industry is also used for professional racing. ‘Racing’ as in: they go really fast. Faster than a SmartCar downhill on a windy day. So, no, that is not what happened.

1. We’re getting out of the vehicle wrap business and are going to start selling fudge.

Oooh, fudge. Walter does make an outstanding peanut butter fudge. But no, vehicle wraps are way too much fun (and we’re way too good at it) to stop doing it.

Real answer: Our wrapped SmartCar was due for scheduled maintenance and this is the loaner car. I know, right? Kinda lame.

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The Where’s Walter series highlights the mysterious activities of the owner of AmeriStamp Sign-A-Rama in Evansville Indiana. See all of the Where’s Walter posts.

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