Dunigan YMCA Expansion Project

Dunigan YMCA building frontThe YMCA is a fantastic organization with a rich history. On the East Side of Evansville, just off the I-164 bypass is the Lowell and Helen Dunigan Family YMCA. Since opening in 2005, its popularity and reputation as a family-friendly health-oriented facility has grown right along with its list of services.

This afternoon was the official opening of its latest expansion project. With an extra 20,000 sq ft filled with new equipment, the Dunigan YMCA is poised for further growth. We get excited when we see organizations like this expanding their facilities and their services. It’s good for the community. You can see the full list of new services and opportunities on the YMCA of Southwestern Indiana website.

Following are a few of the signs that we did for the new expansion project. We’re proud of the good that the YMCA does in our community and we’re proud to have been involved in this project.

YMCA Lobby

Everything from the big white logo and mission statement to the signs telling you which hallway to go down for which activities were a part of the new expansion signage.

YMCA lobby signage
Pick a sign, any sign...

YMCA Donor Wall

Donor walls are a pretty common thing to see in volunteer-driven and non-profit organizations like the YMCA. Donor walls are a public way for the organization to thank people and other businesses for their support.
YMCA donor wall

YMCA donor wall closeup
Acrylic colored panels with stand-offs

YMCA Directional Signs

A whole slew of directional signs are needed to help members and visitors know which way to go to get to their exercise class, changing rooms or meeting rooms.

YMCA directional
Ceiling mounted directional sign helping you find your way.
YMCA front counter
Signs hanging above the lobby welcome desk
YMCA Small Changing Room Sign
YMCA wood with acrylic
Multipurpose room sign

Changeable banner frames

These banner frames are a great way to advertise upcoming events, current signup opportunities and new classes.
YMCA banner frame
YMCA banner frame

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