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dictionary, education. Pic via morguefile.comLearning has always been fun for me. Usually the fun, the rush, the excitement comes from something I’ve experienced or discovered. This discovery process and the acquisition of knowledge sometimes takes years to fully develop, sometimes it’s immediate, but it is always occurring. Never has the acquisition of knowledge been easier than it is today.

Information, ideas and influences are easily accessible by a large portion of our society. One of the most significant sources of this information is blogs. Blogs make learning easy. Well, maybe not learning per se, but they definitely give you the opportunity to be exposed to topics that are interesting to you explained by a wide array of authors and subject matter experts of whom you may never have known about otherwise.

I suppose like most folks, I have a rather wide range of interests. Astronomy, theology, archeology, Chinese culture and hippos all hold special interest to me. Of course, I also love design, color theory, marketing and social media communication. Getting lost on the Internet is a very real concern for me. There is so much information out there you simply can’t consume it all. And even if you could consume it all, what purpose would that consumption serve? I don’t want to be just a consumer of information, I want that information to influence how I think, make me a better person and enable me to have a bettering influence on others around me.

Effective learning is messy!

So, how do you cut through the noise and learn the best stuff most efficiently? In my opinion, learning must be messy. Don’t cut yourself off from accidental discoveries. Randomly acquired bits of knowledge have a way of coalescing into a gooey palette from which all manner of mixtures and connections could be made. But without exposure to new ideas, challenging thoughts and a multidisciplinary approach to learning, your goo gets stale and stagnant. Nobody wants stagnant goo.

How do you keep your goo fresh?

I’m a fan of subscribing to blogs to keep a constant stream of content coming. I’m already interested in either the content or the author for the blogs to which I subscribe. These blogs are my gateway… my stepping stone. Sometimes it’s all I have time for. Other times, I can explore and investigate, read, consume and question the links, insights and directions these blogs offer. Receiving this info daily in my inbox keeps me on my toes. I don’t subscribe to every blog I like. In fact, I limit my intake to only the best. If I keep running across the same blog or the same author, I’ll subscribe.

Here are my current top 3 blogs I subscribe to: – Color as it relates to just about everything.
Jay Baer’s Convince and Convert – Through excellent writing, Jay Baer challenges my thinking and encourages me to be better particularly in the social media universe.
Mark Schaefer’s {grow} – Asks tough questions and gives thoughtful explanations to issues dealing with marketing and business.

As it concerns your career and profession, what are your top three blogs you follow?

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