Wednesday’s Design & Marketing Inspirations – 8

Wednesday’s Design & Marketing Inspirations

Marketing Trends Going In To 2011

How will your marketing efforts change in 2011? We take a look at some marketing trends rounding out 2010 and open up our crystal ball for 2011.

Social Media

This is definitely one of the trendiest trends trending right now. All aspects of social media from the very social, e.g. twitter, to the very media, e.g. youtube, will continue to be a pervasive piece of the marketing landscape. The perception of social media will change in 2011. Social Media and how it is used for marketing will continue to be mainstreamed. By the end of 2011, we won’t be making a big deal about separating social media from other types of marketing efforts. It will be interwoven into how our brands are perceived by the world and how we communicate with clients, prospects and our respective communities. ‘Social Media Marketers’ will be just marketers who use social media as one of the tools in their shed. DanaMNelson went into more specifics about how Social Media will change your marketing strategy in 2011 in a guest post a couple weeks ago.

Fragmentation of Online Design Concepts

Who remembers the black background phase of the internet in the late 90’s? The grunge phase in the early 00’s? Flash anyone? What about the shiny button phase leading up to around 2008? In the last couple of years we’ve seen reflections galore (some of them hilariously wrong) and the current trend seems to be toward simplification of navigation, content and design. In 2011, we’ll see some fads re-emerge (anyone notice the snowflakes falling on some blogs like it was 1996?), but the general trend will be fragmentation. Not one design concept will overtake the online world as the next must-have web design. We’ll see shiny buttons, complicated navigation, simplicity run amok, but it will all be within the confines of your brand. Your brand will now determine how you are perceived online and not just the latest internet fad.

Old die-hards will hardly die

I’m looking at you printed yellow pages and printed newspaper ads. You’ll continue to struggle, continue to refuse reinventing yourself and you will continue to lose market share to online, mobile, and digital advertising streams.

Mobility, Mobility, Mobility

When I was in China in 2005, nearly everyone had cellphones (I was in some pretty rural areas too, not just the westernized metropolises of the East Coast). I don’t know if I ever saw a hardline. That was 2005. Here in the US, we are almost to that same saturation point with smartphones as they were with old-school flip phones. I don’t have to look up the nearest Pizza Hut to order my pizza, I start my iPhone app, build it and order it. Mobile marketing through apps and mobile ready websites will be keys to your company’s success in 2011. BUT, Corporate Apps (like the Pizza Hut app) will give way to web-driven solutions due to faster network connection speeds and enhanced network infrastructure. Web-driven solutions are easier to maintain and you don’t have to have a solution for every device known to mankind.

Laser Specific Targeting

Facebook and Google are really perfecting this. I wrote in August about 3 ways marketing is changing, and how scary-smart they are getting at targeting demographics. This will continue to improve and will probably start seeing even more push back from the privacy crowd.

How were you inspired this week? Leave your inspirations in the comments.

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