How will Social Media change your marketing strategy in 2011

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Dana M Nelson via
Dana M Nelson via

Guest author, Dana M Nelson, is a social media strategist residing in Southern Indiana. She has recently been nominated to be on the Social Media Club’s SMCEDU Board of Advisors.

As we wind down the year and look at Social Media and the future it has in your marketing strategy, let’s take a fun look at ways to put a new spin on some traditional marketing tactics.

Broadcast vs Interactive

Traditional: You send out your well crafted message to the consumer telling them to buy what you’re selling. This tactic is known as broadcasting. The term broadcasting applies for traditional media like TV and Radio, but also to print media like magazines, billboards and posters – anything that does not allow the consumer a way in which to talk back.
Social Media is all about interactive. That is how it is often defined. So if you are still using a broadcast tactic to get your message out, but think you are social because your using facebook and twitter to send it, you need to modify.
Interactive: Shut up and listen. No really. Do you listen to what people are saying about you, your brand or service? After you listen for a bit, join in the conversation, but don’t drown them out. Use your new listening tool to get feedback before, during and after a launch. Use it as a customer service tool – be a hero and right the wrong!

Print vs “Green”

GreenTake that next step in building your brand. Yes you have (and need) promotional products, signs and shirts with your logo. But instead of paying for the printed ad in your newspaper or magazine, take that money and save it. Run your “ad” online and send it out via your social media. I know I just said stop broadcasting but by adding interactivity, you now make it social. Here is one idea: Run two ads, take a vote asking which one your audience likes better. Voila, now your ad is interactive. Find a community event or not for profit that is active online and “invest” that savings. You will be glad you did.

Hoping They Find You

Phonebooks are not a valid form of advertising anymore. Most people turn to the computer or smart phone for a phone number. So instead of throwing that money to the phonebook and hoping that the people will find you, be proactive. Listen on line and offer to help when you can. Have your business number listed everywhere – website, facebook page, twitter bio, linkedin profile- everywhere. SEO should fall here as well, but that is another topic!

Thick, Juicy Cheeseburger
Thick, Juicy Cheeseburger

Turning Tricks

How many times have you bought a cheeseburger and it looks absolutely nothing like the ad that initially made your mouth water? Traditional marketing is oftentimes a series of tricks to get and maintain a customer base. A good product and better than average customer service are both a must in your bag of acquisition and retention tricks. But here is an idea: Take that put-off customer and using the very public domain of social media, acknowledge their claim and make it right. Then continue to offer insightful, intriguing content. In most cases you will have turned that put-off customer into a brand advocate. They will now be happy to share with others your great product or service.

Customer Service

This is where most companies can use some help. Social media is such a powerful listening tool, but most choose to only listen when they are actively called out. You can also use third party applications to filter and listen effectively to what is being said about you and your brand. Choosing not to listen and take action is a very poor way of doing business.

Above I have listed 5 ways a company can take social media and make changes to an established traditional marketing strategy, but I want to hear from you.

I want to know how YOU will use social media in 2011.
What are your SoMe resolutions?

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