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This week we found Walter Valiant actually at his desk!  Yeah, we were shocked too.  His feet weren’t elevated, a cup of coffee was mysteriously lacking, and he had headphones on.  A rare state, indeed.

Where's Walter - Headphones
Where's Walter - What is he listening to?

The question is, what is Walter doing?

  1. Listening to Elvis
  2. Practicing Meditation Techniques from Ringo Starr
  3. Watching Youtube (cats ARE funny)
  4. Watching Avatar – not in 3D but still pretty awesome
  5. Attending an online Motivation Seminar by Chuck Norris

Some of the other highlights of Walter’s week: demonstrated digital sign technology to a local private school, got lectured by his youngest employee on the importance of heart health, met with a corporate Sign-A-Rama representative about sales and marketing strategies.

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