Inspection Stamps - Self-Inking Signature Stamp

Self-Inking Signature Stamp
Ideal self-inking signature stamp for perfect impressions every time.

Self-Inking Stamps take the hassle and mess out of stamping by enclosing a small stamp pad within the body of the stamp. Re-ink your stamp pad occasionally and they will last for years.

Self-Inking Signature Stamps are perfect for
• Lawyers
• CEOs and Executive Assistants
• Project Managers

To order signature stamps please read this first:
• Sign an unlined white area of paper with a black, fine point pen.
• Scan in your signature at 300dpi and save as a .jpg. or mail to P.O. Box 5599, Evansville, IN 47716
• Your signature stamp will be made at the same size that you provide to us.
• Extra clean-up will incur a service charge and could impact your shipment date.
• We DO NOT accept faxed signatures (they just don't make good stamp impressions).


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