Signature Stamps - Self-Inking and Traditional Rubber Stamps

Signature Stamps

Signature stamps automate the tedious repetition of signing and authorizing signature on important documents. Available as a self-inking stamp or as a traditional hand stamp requiring a stamp pad. Upload your signature as a .jpg (please read below), and we will create your personalized rubber stamp within 1 business day. Request for Rubber Stamp Quote from AmeriStamp

Signature Stamp Manufacturing

All of our rubber stamps are made with the finest products. Manufactured in Southern Indiana, we will ship your stamps anywhere in the world. We pride ourselves in our quick 1 day turnaround for most stamp orders (if ya order 10 billion stamps, it might take us 2 days!).

To order signature stamps please read this first:

  • Sign an unlined white area of paper with a black, fine point pen.
  • Scan in your signature at 300dpi and save as a .jpg. or mail to P.O. Box 5599, Evansville, IN 47716
  • Your signature stamp will be made at the same size that you provide to us.
  • Extra clean-up will incur a service charge and could impact your shipment date.
  • We DO NOT accept faxed signatures (they just don't make good stamp impressions).